How to Participate

This page provides instructions for speakers and paper presenters. For those who wish to attend the meetings as listeners, please follow the instructions here.

Participation Rules

The CISSR annual meetings take the form of “Programme Units”.

After subscribing to the CISSR as a member (see below), anyone can respond to the Call for Papers, in order to submit a 20/25-minutes paper (30 minutes in exceptional cases). The timing of the paper should be rigidly adhered to. Speakers can make use of overhead projectors. We encourage the distribution to participants of paper manuscripts or other types of hand-outs (summaries, texts, diagrams etc.).

Each Programme Unit will usually include three to six papers, with a discussion time of 5/10 minutes after each paper, and about 15 minutes at the end of each session. More time can be set aside for discussion, if necessary. Each participant may submit up to a maximum of two papers, therefore registering under two different Units.

The official languages of the Meeting are Italian and English (Italian speakers will provide an English PowerPoint presentation of their papers).

Registration to the Annual Meeting
(for Speakers Only)

The registration procedure (for speakers only) takes place in two steps:

  1. CISSR subscription / Call for Papers (€ 25): from February 20 to April 30
  2. Meeting registration (€ 45): from May 15 to July 31

Both steps can be completed through the online registration form available at the CEUB (University Residential Centre) website.

Please note: accommodation costs are not included in the subscription and registration fees (for more details on this point, see the page “Accommodation”).

How to Submit a Paper

Papers are invited on all aspects relating to the conference subject (see the Programme Units page). To submit a paper proposal, one must first subscribe for membership of CISSR, paying the annual fee of € 25 through the online registration form.

Please note: The subscription form requires as mandatory information your VAT number / Italian fiscal code number: non-Italian subscribers are invited to enter their social security number (if they have one) or a random sequence of zeros (e.g., 0000).

Once registered, applicants must submit their paper proposals (no more than 250 words, in English) via e-mail to the coordinators of each Programme Unit by April 30. For organizational reasons, a copy should be sent also to Mara Rescio and Mauro Pesce. Proposers are requested to specify in the application also their current position and/or employment (Ph.D. student, Ph.D., Research Fellow, Professor, etc.).

Paper proposals will be peer-reviewed by the unit coordinators, and applicants will receive information concerning acceptance/non-acceptance by May 15, 2016. The only criterion for acceptance or rejection of proposals is the relevance of papers to the theme of the unit. Acceptance/rejection of a paper are final.

Once accepted, the presenters will be invited to complete the registration procedure (Meeting registration: € 45).